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Question by  Skiz (56)

What is a good television for a childs room?

I need a television that will be safe to put in a kids room.


Answer by  Dirk (39)

Wall mounting the TV will be your safest bet. You can find the mounts in most TV stores. Not possible? A small battery operated one would be ok.


Answer by  robsreason (54)

Putting a TV in a child's room is always a safety concern. For the safest option go with a television that is a flat screen and can be wall mounted. Mounting the television well out of your child's reach will allow your child to enjoy their television viewing without being in harms way.


Answer by  JBW (243)

Get an LCD TV that can be mounted to the wall. this will keep the TV out of the way and less likely to be damaged. A twentyfour in TV would be a good size.


Answer by  albinomonkey (3)

A television that is brightly colored and full of zero harmful elements is the kind of television that you want to put into your child's room.

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