Question by  jbjb (34)

What are some good basketball ball handling drills?

I'm having a problem with my team.


Answer by  jimcro55 (813)

Put a cone in the middle of the floor. Have your players run 1 by 1 to the cone dribbling with their strong hand. When they reach the cone, they should crossover and continue the rest of the way with their weak hand. Will give them better crossover skills.


Answer by  glennm12345 (140)

You can try any of the following to improve your ballhandling: 1. Finger Grabs - Hold the ball with your finger tips and squeeze it while rotating back and forth 2. Slaps - Slap the ball from hand to hand 3. Toss Up and Catch Behind - Toss the ball up, reverse pivot and catch it from behind


Answer by  Steve247 (519)

Definitely the cones, these things work. Have them weave in and out through the cones all up and down the court. Also make them dribble with their off hands only, for an entire practice. You might also try making them dribble tennis balls up and down the court.

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