Question by  marekben (1)

In Ryder Cup 2-ball foursomes, if the two players have different ball sponsors what ball do they play with?

As an example: If Woods partnered Mickelson in Ryder Cup, Woods is contractually obliged to play with a Nike ball and Mickelson is Callaway, whose ball would they use?


Answer by  ebentley (25)

Both balls will be played because the ball used will be the ball which is used to tee off. The golfers alternate tee shots, so both balls are played throughout the round.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

The team alternates teeshots on holes. The player hitting the teeshot uses his own ball and the other player has to play it where it lands. The two players alternate shots using the same ball. The next hole the other player hits the tee shot and the team uses his ball.


Answer by  jeakin914 (7)

They would each continue to use the ball that they are contractually obliged to use. When playing in a pair you don't hit the same ball that your partner is using. You use the ball that you prefer and drop it in the same location as your partner when it is your turn to hit.

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Ignore this comment as at no stage do the players 'drop' the ball in the same location!  add a comment
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Nope, wrong  add a comment

Answer by  golfaddict (43)

It is a decision for the players. Mickelson has been known to have his partner tee off using Phil's ball & vice versa. The approach shots are where the type of golf ball can make a difference to the player. And sponsors see their balls in play.

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