Question by  sarah72 (61)

What are some good offensive basketball plays?

I need to learn some new offensive basketball plays.


Answer by  rconroy20 (87)

One good offensive basketball play is the pick and roll with a big man. This is when the offensives team center comes up to the top and picks the ball handlers man. The ball handeler can than either pass or shoot it.


Answer by  Chris64 (299)

The best basketball play to use is the pick and roll, where a ballhandler moves towards a teammate, who steps up and sets a pick, seperating the ballhandler from the defender. Depending on which way the defender goes, either the ballhandler or the teammate who set the pick will have an open shot.


Answer by  mike1162 (137)

One of the most basic and effective offensive basketball plays is the pick-and-roll, where one player sets a screen for another, but then sneaks in to accept a pass.

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