Question by  Emonroe7 (20)

How do I improve my ball handling skills?

I want to play college basketball.


Answer by  ChieBringino (149)

Ball handling improvement requires alot of time to be invested on it. Dribbling skills require practice, as all of other basic fundamentals of the sport or any other. Most players would often recommend practice during free time, a good example would be by sitting on a bench or stool, dribble with one hand then next.


Answer by  Jon65 (787)

I'd practice dribbling with coaches or watch instructional videos on improving your ball handling skills. One will need to dribble and learn to distribute the ball without looking.


Answer by  Steve247 (519)

Learn to dribble a tennis ball effectively, so by the time you switch over to a basketball it will seem as big as the ocean, and you'll never lose it.


Answer by  JG000 (162)

Spend equal time practicing with each hand. The downfall of many decent ball-handlers is that they aren't ambidextrous. The way to avoid this is doing "two-ball drills", which is doing simultaneous drills with a ball in each hand. Try the two-ball crossover or two-ball figure 8. Also, only dribble with your fingertips, not your palms.

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