Question by  Jill80 (27)

What are some good abs routines?

I'm trying to get into shape.


Answer by  John8394 (6)

Various Crunches. Bicycle crunches, regular crunches, side crunches, reverse crunches. Plank until you fail. Sit on your hands, raise your feet six inches. Do these throughout the week. Increasing reps.


Answer by  mesh (351)

A good routine involves multiple exercies. Start with situps followed by crunches. 50 reps each would be great and finish up with 100 leg raises to target the lower abs.


Answer by  RCishollywood (190)

Everyone has abs. It is a matter of how much fat you ahve that are hiding them. If you want to see your abs do alot of cardio to burn the fat. As for building up your abs I would suggest regualr crunchs without pullin on your next. (let the abs to the work), And reverse crunchs.


Answer by  jack90 (4)

Simply doing exercises like curls up and hanging up. Yoga also can be good to gain abs but is done everyday to maintain to maintain gaining abs.


Answer by  Doomstoned (1454)

One particularly effective abdomenal exercise can be performed by using the decline bench and doing full-range of motion sit-ups in a slow, controlled manner, concentrating on squeezing the abdomenal wall.

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