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Question by  JK (48)

What are some drinks you should make with Johnnie Walker Red Label?

Or should it only be drunk straight?


Answer by  mdavis (7)

Johnnie Walker Red Label is best if you add just a little water. It really opens up the smokey, charcoal flavor of the scotch.


Answer by  riverjoe21 (89)

When drinking the good Johnnie Walker Red Label it is best to drink it straight up or with a splash of water on the rocks to get the full taste of that great whiskey. If you want to make a mixed drink I recommend buying a jack daniels or even cheaper whiskey for that.


Answer by  montree (354)

There are many drinks that you can make with Red Label such as A bomb#1, AntiCoolant, Badusi, Eye Popper, Pan Galactic Gargleblaster #1, Three Wise Men Go Hunting, adn much more. You can also mix it with coca cola and make it a whiskey and coke. Drinking Red Label straight on the rocks is at your own risk.

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