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Question by  aradosev (47)

What are the ingredients in Johnnie Walker Gold?

Why is it different?


Answer by  dramjbell (74)

Johnnie Walker Gold is a blend of 15 different single malts. It came from Alexander II's blending notes to celebrate Johnnie Walker's centenary. Off the bat, strong of peat and heather notes, both having a strong taste and finish with each sip. Beyond that, it is a barley whisky, having no grain alcohol...the recipe itself is a secret.

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The only Johnnie Walker that does not have grain alcohol is the green label. All the other 4 are blended scotches with grain alcohol.  add a comment

Answer by  JamesPorter (63)

Johnnie Walker Gold is a blended whiskey, which means it uses whiskeys from different breweries around Scotland and mixes them, ages them 18 years and then sells it as "Gold Label". It is a barley based whiskey with NO grain alcohol. The actual ingredient list is a secret known only to those brewers


Answer by  Leslie308 (241)

The specific ingredients in Johnny Walker Gold are kept secret, however there are a few commonly known components of the process. Johnny Walker Gold is a barley based whiskey - no grains involved. This is a blended whiskey made up of 15 different single malts that come from different breweries around Scotland, and is aged 18 years per batch.


Answer by  Anonymous

Actually, they're called distilleries not breweries, and gold label is a BLENDED whisky. There for the components are both single malt and grain. If it were a blend of single malts it would be called a blended malt whisky.

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