Question by  devinderkumarsharma (12)

Can red wine cause an upset stomach?

I always get an upset stomach after drinking red wine.


Answer by  timerunning (805)

Red wine contains sulfates which are what causes upset stomach and hangovers. Other alcoholic beverages also contain these but red wine has the highest content. Next time try an organic red wine with no sulfates (the people at the store should be able to help you find one). Also, eat a piece of bread or crackers before having a drink.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Of course it can (especially if you are drinking too much of it). Perhaps your body isn't taking to it, or again, you are drinking it at an amount which you shouldn't be.


Answer by  diane23 (1167)

Yes, it's a common effect. Red wine is very acidic and is also high in congeners, which are chemicals formed during fermentation which are largely responsible for hangover symptoms.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Sometimes certain things bother certain people. It could be that you have a slight allergy to it or it just doesn't sit well with you. If you think that it is upsetting your stomach then you probably shouldn't drink it if you don't want to have a stomach ache all night.


Answer by  alz (2329)

Yes, red wine, just like any other alcohol can cause an upset stomach. If you drink any beverage in excess, it will likely cause an upset stomach. In addition, there could be an ingredient specific to red wine that causes such a reaction when you drink it. I would avoid drinking it if it makes you feel sick.

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