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Question by  MNarasimhan (27)

What is "Johnnie Walker Blue"?

Is it a "special" liquor?


Answer by  chipper7 (7)

Johnnie Walker Blue is the top of the line Scotch made by Johnnie Walker. It is technically Johnnie Walker Blue Label. It is not necessarily special, just higher quality scotch.


Answer by  cindy2366 (224)

Johnnie Walker Blue is a premium blended scotch whiskey. The bottle is specially packaged in a silk lined box, with a certificate of authenticity. One of the most expensive blended scotch whiskeys it is said to be aged no less than twenty years, and is 80 proof.


Answer by  aikawa (91)

It is Scotch which is considered a premium blend. There is no age declaration for it and it is accompanied by a certificate to prove its authenticity. It is unique in a sense that every bottle has its own serial number and silk-lined box for storage. Its price usually starts from $200.


Answer by  GinoCR (8)

Its the most fine and expensive loquor Johnnie Walker offer, it taste like the other whiskies they offer. You can buy also Red, Black, Green, Gold and Blue.

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