Question by  tronlife (40)

What are some causes of an atypical breast biopsy?


Answer by  BlueEyes3b5 (121)

A biopsy may be performed if the woman has skin changes on her breast or if a mole changes size or color. Skin changes could be first seen as something like a rash or sunburn. Self-exams are very important for this reason in addition to having an annual mammogram.

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I think some kind of strange nipple discharge is a sign too unless she is preggers.  add a comment

Answer by  JoeyT (78)

Atypical breast biopsy results may happen because a lump is either a pseudolump (usually caused by hormones), cysts (benign fluid filled masses), fibroadenomas (calcification, fibrous) or hematomas (blood filled). Most of these, if too small, cannot be picked up easily by a mammogram. Some of these will go away eventually.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

When a woman has a breast biopsy it is because a mass as shown up on a mammogram and has to be investigated. The mass could be malignant so a small biopsy is done to find out what the mass is and what treatment will be needed. A biopsy is done under general anasthetic.


Answer by  Jane42 (201)

In addition to breast cancer it could be a benign tumor, fibrocystic changes, a cyst, mastitis which is an infection, or duct ectasia.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, it could be genetic. Otherwise, several factors such as diet and exercise could affect this. Make sure you eat a good diet rich in protein and nutrition. Also, exercise daily.


Answer by  Nancy89 (50)

In my case I had a lump that turned out to be a calcium build up so thank goodness it wasn't malignant. They made me get tests done every 6 months and a new biopsy every year for about 4 years jsut to be on the safe side.


Answer by  amber85 (147)

Abnormal number of cells, size of cells, the shape of the cells, apperance and the pattern of growth in the cells in the breast tissue or milk duct can cause an atypical result. Also known as atypical hyperplasia. You would show no signs or symptoms to know if you have atypical hyperplasia.


Answer by  brad42 (19)

An atypical breast biopsy may be caused by a cyst, inflammation, infection, a benign tumor, or a malignant tumor. Usually other studies will be performed to investigate the biopsy findings.


Answer by  iampj (26)

Atypical, or abnormal, cells can cause atypical results of a breast biopsy. If we knew what caused atypical cell development then we would have a cure for cancer.

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