Question by  patty1956 (42)

What are the implications of having malignant breast calcification's?

After many different exams and test it was determined that I have several spots in both my breast that have malignant breast calcification.


Answer by  kgrim (510)

Malignant breast calcifications are several clusters calcium in the breast tissues. When they are present in both breast risks for cancer ar slightly higher. There are also two types of calcifications, MICROcalcifications-occur from injuries, and MACROcalcifications-occur in women over 50.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

I am having difficulty with your question- calcifications, in and of themselves, aren't malignant. If there is a certain degree of calcification, it MIGHT indicate that there is a pre-cancerous condition, in which case a needle biopsy is performed. You need to sit down with your doctor and get facts.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Women that have malignant breast califications on both breasts have an increased chance or risk of cancer. Ask your doctor if a biopsy should be performed.


Answer by  StarOne (941)

Breast calcification's are not harmful unless they are malignant. A malignant breast calcification means that it is cancerous. If this is what you have been diagnosed with you need to start treatment immediately. Write down all the questions you have or take someone with you to the doctors to be a second voice and ears.

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