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Question by  Dotty (22)

What are some cancer fighting foods?

I am into prevention and natural cures.


Answer by  hartford (506)

The best cancer fighting foods are brightly colored fruits and vegetables, preferably grown organically. They provide fiber and anti-oxidants. The cruciferous family which includes broccoli and cabbage is particularly good.


Answer by  aravind123 (27)

Some of the Following Foods are Prevent cancer.First one is Avacado,which is high glutathione and antioxidant and provide more pottasium and also beta carotene.Broccoli,Cabbage and Cauliflower are prevent breast cancer and carrots contain lot of beta carotene,which helps to reduce lot of cancers,such as lung,throat,stomach,mouth,intestine and breast cancers,.Garlic is also best cancer fighting food.


Answer by  Kath (1537)

There are several cancer fighting foods. Carrots, broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, cabbage, avocados, flax, garlic and sweet potatoes just to name a few. They all contain antocancer properties of one sort or another. Carrots, for example, contain beta carotene which may reduce lung, mouth, throat and stomach cancer. Broccoli has idole 3 carbinol which can fight breast cancer.


Answer by  shortway (10)

Green tea and black tea have natural antioxidants in them providing benefits which reduce free radicals that lead to diseases such as uits,soy,garlic,blueberries,vegetables.

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