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Question by  Clement (1453)

Why are the Shiite and the Sunni fighting?

I do not understand why the Shiite and Sunni are fighting.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

There really not fightning. It's like the Catholics and Protestants. They are different. But they live, work and play together, but their religion plays a big part in the culture and they are always looking for the weakest link.


Answer by  musicman (31)

Their infighting is related to a simple difference of religious belief. The Sunnis believe that Muhammed is the last prophet of God. The Shiites or Shias believe and worship Muhammed's son-in-law as the last and important prophet. Though a simple difference, the 2 factions are zealous about their beliefs.


Answer by  Mila (49)

The Shiite and Sunni groups are two separate sects of Islam. Catholics and Protestants, both Christian, can be separated in a similar way. During the reign of Saddam, the Shiites were massacred by the Iraqi army who were Sunnis. Basically, it's a religious war.

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