Question by  dmitzman (28)

What is the best fighting style to learn?

I want to learn a martial art, but a real, fighting one.


Answer by  Phil75 (87)

Krav Maga is the most lethal form or martial arts known to man. You can initiate a take down from any of many standing or kneeling positions. It is taught with great care and deliberate force. For you to know the strength of Krav Maga, you will need to enter your body into a high temple state.

Reply by PhaseFlare (0):
Krav Maga is the most useless fighting style out there. It leaves uses too much energy and leaves way too many openings. Ask any experienced fighter and they will tell you that its useless. It was made by some guy that was good at marketing, he wasnt a fighter.  add a comment
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Sure people might have their differences but it is most definintly NOT useless. Fight someone, then fight someone after learning Krav Maga. You will see. Liars never get credit  add a comment

Answer by  deniscales (24)

Wing Chun Kung Fu is the most practical style for self defense. It is a soft style that focuses on mastery of body mechanics instead of strength, which makes it ideal for all body types. It focuses on close quarters fighting using speed and techniques that combine defensive and offensive moves for maximum efficiency.


Answer by  ppremise (200)

The best fighting style to learn depends upon you. Different styles cater to different types of people and have different strengths. If you want self defense judo, ju jiutsu and sambo are great as they all specialize in throws, grapples, disarming opponents and submission holds which are all relatively non-damaging and non-fatal. If you want flash capoeira.


Answer by  Anonymous

Karate is practical for defensive fighting, but learn another offensive fighting style, to mix and match moves that can help in a fight, but be very moralistic if choosing offensive fighting styles, you can't fist-fight a judge in court, or a cop with a gun or tazer, so think first.......


Answer by  gk (12)

The best martial art style to learn, to be a real fighter, is Muay Thai. This fighting discipline is ruthless. You'll learn to use your hands, elbows, knees, feet and even your head as weapons. MT kicks are the hardest in martial arts. Overall defense is great with MT too, especially when learned in conjunction with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Answer by  Marsholio (79)

Bruce Lee taught the art of Jeet Kune Do which borrowed the best aspects from many different styles and added a few of his own. Many people hold his style as the best all around including the infamous Chuck Norris, who was taught by Mr. Lee. Other than that, buy a gun.

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without wing chun there would have been no jkd. jkd is a hard style to pick up unless you have the talent of bruce lee.  add a comment
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JKD is not hard to pick up, unless you don't have the mentality of Bruce Lee, liars never get credit.  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

i'm a black belt in karate, and to tell u the truth... it is not a good fighting style, the best are MMA, Zen Chi Ryu, and Muay Tai, and jujitsu, anything else is useless in a street fight.

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You don't know crap and you are a disgrace to all Black Belts in Karate. It is an essential self defense fighting style to almost all fighters in MMA which tells me obviously that you would know that if you actually were a Black Belt. Liars are never given credit.  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

i believe bruce lee fighting method jeet kune do is the best as it relies on focus and strenght speed


Answer by  Anonymous

With the influce of knowledge know their is no point in simply studying one style. When you can study as many as you want and mix and match til you make something that works for both how you fight and the situation you plan onj being in.


Answer by  Anonymous

you must master the style you choose and forward to make it stronger till you reach the limit and be a master or combine some to have the best of them all but keep training


Answer by  Anonymous

As a former instructor, let me say there is no best, only best for you. That said, look for the following elements in any style/school you choose: -Live training (working against real resistance) -Broad approach (covers ground, standing, clinch, weapons) -Realistic situations (cover street scenarios, awareness and improvised weapons)

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