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Question by  Dejavu (16)

Can you provide some tips for a beginner in billiards?

I am new to playing pool and would like to learn the basics and need some tips.


Answer by  BudSpuds (12)

Billiards has a lot of different rules and also some different types of play. Try to learn these as best as possible. Everyone has a different style of play get used to what you are comfortable doing on the table. Make sure to observe what happens during the game.


Answer by  pablo92 (44)

first, find the way that is most comfortable for you to hold the cue while lining up each shot lean down very close to the cue to be more accurate use your arm as a pendulum to swing the cue, the only part of your body that should move is your elbow


Answer by  tagme87 (96)

The best thing to do would be to find a friend who has a fair amount of experience playing pool. First, watch your friend play pool against someone else--watch how they shoot and try to figure out why they take certain shots. Then, play against your friend and have them talk you through your shots.


Answer by  mnebojsa (17)

Always think of the angles. It is important where you hit the white ball just as much as where the white ball hits the colored one. Always think two steps ahead. When you go for one ball think where the white ball will end up. Sometimes it's better to hit the white ball slowly.


Answer by  dtalk (428)

Don't hit the ball too hard. The harder you hit, the less control you have over the ball. You should line up your shots before you shoot, don't be afraid to spend extra time.


Answer by  HelpfulAndy (1107)

A really good beginner tip is practice. It sounds obvious, but it's the only way you'll get better. Find a billiards hall that your comfortable in, and spend a couple of hours there a few days a week. You'll be racking them up and dropping them down in no time.

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