Question by  audiefm (8)

What are Levi Redline Jeans?

My sister told me to get Levi Redline Jeans.


Answer by  fegirl (27)

Levi's red line jeans are a vintage line that has not been made sine the 1970's. They are identified by red stitching on the inside of the pants leg, parallel to the leg seam. They are made from hi-quality denim, which is what the red stitching identifies.


Answer by  frank52 (151)

Levi Redline Jeans are a vintage style type of jean. You can find them at vintage stores in your local area. They come in different conditions usually worn out with holes or tears on them to give them that used and broken in look. The price ranges from about 30. 00 to 200. 00 depending what you are looking for.


Answer by  limabean45806 (52)

Redline jeans get their name from the redline selvedge that appears on the inside of the leg seam. They are made from superior denim and are considered vintage denim due to the fact that they were not manufactured after 1973.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

They are a specific design of Levi's line of jeans. Go to a department store and check them out. See if you like them.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

It has to do with a line on the tag. Go to any large store and ask the clerks for help. You will want to see if they suit your body type, no matter what your sister suggested.


Answer by  vlygrl1 (16)

What you are looking for are Levi Red Tag jeans. The term refers to the small red Levi tag on the right rear pocket, not a particuar type of jean. The red tag is on all Levi jeans which come in all type of jean styles from skinny leg to boot cut and any rise.


Answer by  lostintexas (17)

Levi Redline Jean's i know where discontinued after 1973, but they do sell these. They are a heavier material & are made better then the jeans today. Sometime's they are hard to find, but worth it.


Answer by  Anonymous

Before big rolls, they used to use one piece of denim per pair of jeans. The edge was white, the red colored line indicated the fabric weight. They laid out the design so the white line became the inseam and didn't show. This ended in the early 1980s.


Answer by  Anonymous

levi redline in side of waste are they worth any thing and the tag above pocket is all red with capial letters

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