Question by  ash15 (16)

Will using vinegar on jeans help to set the color?

I have dyed my jeans a darker color and would like to set it in so it does not fade.


Answer by  bethanyseeley (130)

Yes, this usually will help, even on commercially dyed jeans. Before washing, turn them insode out. Wash with cold water, and then add one cup of white vinegar to the rinse water.


Answer by  rauur (46)

yea, using vinegar on jeans will help set the color. You could add it to your washing machine, or fill a tub with water, and add some vinegar. i have done this many times in the past, and every time I am happy with the result


Answer by  fred36 (25)

Yes, vinegar on jeans will help set the color. You should fill a tub with water and just put a generous amount of vinegar in as well. With the tub filled you should soak your jeans for about 20 minutes and if you want to soak any longer change the water. Hope it helps!


Answer by  smcc (43)

Yes, add a cup vinegar to your washing machine and the jeans. This should help hold the color. I have done it for years and learned this from a store.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Vinegar will set dyes in place if they are organic or natural dyes. Most commercially available dyes aren't affected by ph in the same way.

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