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Question by  MTurk87 (39)

How do you paint yellow stripes in a kitchen?

I am re painting my kitchen and would like to have yellow and off white stripes on the walls.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Paint your wall the lighter color first. Do the whole wall. Use a tape measure and painters tape in order to make even lines on the wall. Block out stripes. Paint between every other set of tape.


Answer by  npatin44 (258)

Measure and mark the locations you would like to have your stripes. Border the areas you want painted with wide blue painters tape and you are ready to go.


Answer by  jessyjuan (290)

Figure out what pattern you want, horizontal or vertical lines. Then figure out the thinkness of the lines. Use painter's tape to design the lines on your wall and paint in between the tapes. It is helpful to use a chalkline to make sure the lines are straight. Good Luck!!!


Answer by  ApprenticeJenn (959)

Paint the entire kitchen with the lighter color and allow several days for it to dry and cure. Using painter's tape, mask off stripes in any width you choose. Paint in between taped areas with darker color. For pin-stripes, use wider tape and repaint entire room with darker color. Lighter stripes will remain when tape is removed.


Answer by  Duncan (1124)

Start by painting the white coat first. Once the white has dried completely, tape-off the areas you wish to remain white, then paint the remaining area yellow.

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