Question by  mattj317 (8)

What color and texture should my coffee table be?Living Room: sage walls, chocolate couch, opens up to kitchen with pine walls. what color/texture coffee table should I pick??

My living room has sage walls, dark trim (almost espresso), and a chocolate couch. It opens up to a kitchen with vintage-knotted Ponderosa Pine walls. There is antique wood flooring throughout. I have no idea what type of coffee/end tables to pick out!


Answer by  HerpDerp (91)

Go for a relaxed looking wood table without glass. The glass would look tacky, You could also opt for a large ottoman that doubles as a coffee table.


Answer by  Supersadie (363)

This is a rather contemporary colour scheme. If you are using vintage pine and antique wood, you might consider continuing the theme for your coffee table - something rustic. Alternatively, you could have a table with a glass top and use green and chocolate accessories. The benefit of glass is to minimise visual space so your area seems bigger.


Answer by  mattj317 (8)

These both sound like very good ideas, but I have a VERY spastic Boxer pup: Boxer+glass=bad! lol. I am just worried that so much wood would be overpowering....maybe a very dark wood table ect to contrast the natural finish wood on the floors and kitchen walls???


Answer by  mattj317 (8)

Also what do you guys think about "accent/constrast" colors for decor? Would burnt orange, bronze/copper, or (authentic) turquoise pieces be a risk that pays off if done right -- or just down right tacky? Any better color suggestions to add some interest or kick to sage walls and chocolate couch?

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