Question by  sravipositivegmailcom (13)

What are human anatomical signs of a girl liking a guy?

I'm trying to see if a girl likes me.


Answer by  CrystalEg (500)

Lots of smiling, winking and giggling. Also if she sits facing towards you when she talkes to you or finds a way to touch your arm or body subtly. If she spends time trying to converse with you when other options are available that is also a great sign. Try paying attention to her eyes.


Answer by  A36 (629)

If you are looking for physical signs, look at her body language while she is near you: if she orients her body towards you and if she casually makes physical contact with you like "accidentally" brushing you on the arm or leg, this indicates that she probably likes you.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

While every person is different, and it varies largely with age. A shy girl will probably be very quiet and flustered, and probably clumsy. While a more confident woman is more likely to maintain eye contact, find excuses to hang out, and will always give you sly little smiles that she'll probably try to hide from you.


Answer by  jenniev (206)

There are several human anatomical signs of a girl liking a boy but I'll just list a few. Girls often tend to smile a lot and bat there eyes when her person of interest looks her way. Girls also tend to laugh at any dumb thing the boy has to say to her.


Answer by  Anonymous

Some of the girls will try to avoid you at the same time try to "coincident" to meet you for instance on a road or at school. Some refused to admit they like you but at the same time provide you with information that they are in love with you.

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