Question by  normannue (22)

How do you know if a girl likes you?

I like this girl, but I don't want to ask her out unless I'm pretty sure she will say yes.


Answer by  phatmaxk90 (146)

kick rejectphobia to the curb and ask her.. u can never be too early but late can only be a minute away..


Answer by  James20 (91)

You should take your time getting to know how before asking her out. Just talk to her more often during your free time and when you two get quite along together then ask her on a date. After that if she likes your personalities then she she'll tell you if she wants to be your girlfriend.


Answer by  itsmeagain (177)

You can never be totally sure what someone will say when you ask them out until you ask them. Part of dating is taking risks and understanding that you will have to sometimes face rejection. If a girl likes you, she will smile, talk to you, and pretty much not avoid you. Go ahead. Take a chance!


Answer by  TheAnswerFairy (2345)

Have you ever heard the phrase "fortune favors the bold"? You will never know if she likes you unless you ask. But some good signs would be if she hangs around you alot, laughs at your jokes, touches your arm when she is talking to you, smiles when she sees you, or looks at the ground if she's shy.


Answer by  ghjfgklhbj (18)

My answer is if the girl likes you and if you also like her, then every time when you two pass in hallway (if you are a student), you guys will feel a strange and awkward moment (it was for me).


Answer by  kenkary (33)

the girl shows her expressions at evry momemt of ur meet the naughty smile on her face and caring abt u at evry step of ur day related activities and always eager to be with u.

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