Question by  hiroshi (34)

Do girls like guys with braces?

I am getting braces very soon and I want to know if the girls will care.


Answer by  Anonymous

I think they look attractive, but that's just me.

posted by Anonymous
The guy I currently have a crush on has braces :) I think they're adorable as heck... so cute :)  add a comment

Answer by  tc25dreamer (180)

Personally, I don't. Don't worry. It's better actually, because then, the girl that you like, if she's actually worth it, she won't mind your braces. And in the future, you'll get perfect teeth!


Answer by  flip2o (1220)

Braces actually makes some people look cuter, Tips: try picking the color of braces that matches with the cloths you wear.


Answer by  Flower (92)

Girls whose interest you want to attract will like you with or without braces. Remember many of them have or have recently had braces themselves. They know it's temporary.


Answer by  monkeysue (121)

If the girl really likes you, the fact that you have braces won't matter either way. I honestly wouldn't care at all and I think some guys look cute with them.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

It can make kissing an adventure, but braces don't matter if a girl likes you (you wouldn't want to date anyone for whom it made a difference, anyway).


Answer by  Craig61 (358)

The long answer to this is still yes. There are going to be jokes, stories about if you date a girl with braces that your mouths will get stuck together when you kiss. None of it is true. If a girl likes you she is going to like you, braces just are not a deal breaker either way.


Answer by  bingo (66)

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