Question by  anuraggupta (17)

How do I treat a canine hot spot?

My dog has 2 hot spots that won't go away.


Answer by  cowohhh (569)

Treat the sore and then remove the underlying cause to prevent recurrences. Make sure to trim the hair around the hot spot as well.


Answer by  hulmer (1067)

Usual at home treatments include Benadryl and topical hot spot treatment. However it is best to visit your dog's vet before doing any self treating! Many times a vet will administer a cortisone shot to alleviate the pain and itching much faster.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

Try soaking them with an over the counter solution called Domeboro Astringent Solution. It's a powder to be mixed with water. Apply on body or soak paws in it.


Answer by  linsm (898)

Hot spots are caused by allery to flea bites, and bacterial skin infection. The dog needs to be taken to the vet. The area will then be shaved, cleansed with an ointment applied as well as antibiotic and medication for itching will be provided. You will receive instructions as to how to care for the infected area.


Answer by  Crystal51 (118)

There are numerous sprays and creams to treat hot spots in dogs. There is also dog shampoo that will help the itch that you can try. You can put a collar on your dog until the spot gets better.


Answer by  Brendan72 (4)

To treat a canine hot spot I would have to consult a veteranarian and follow the advice of the vet in order to remedy such a problem. I believe there is medication which could be administered.

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