Question by  griffinej5 (49)

What are good workout ideas for a running back?


Answer by  Jenn91 (122)

A running back needs lean muscle in their legs, so general aerobic exercise is good. Sprinting up an incline also helps because it will strengthen your leg muscles so that it will be easier for you to run long distances on flat land. Stretching is very important because running backs run long distances so cramps are common without stretching.


Answer by  simplyellie (89)

Good ideas for a running back would be, well, obviously running, sprinting, jogging and the like. Proper stretching is essential. Endurance is always a plus. Jumping rope has been proven a good form of cardiovascular exercise and is wonderful for all athletes.


Answer by  dad2crue (55)

A football running back needs a good combination of speed and strength. One of the best weight workouts to do is the leg press. Other leg exercises of note is the calf press and quad curl. Standard upper body exercises should also be don coupled with cardio.


Answer by  woody (65)

If you are a running back then focusing on speed building excersises is a good idea. one of the best speed building excersises that you can do is find a generally steep hill. Start at the bottom and sprint all the way to the top and jog down, continuously do this to the point of exhaustion. usually 10min is sufficient.

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