Question by  ne3o (25)

What is the recovery time for strength training?

I am strength training and want to know recovery time.


Answer by  daniellelumpkin (75)

Recovery time is based on the type of strength training you are doing. The heavier the lifting session the longer the recovery time. Doing maximum lifts can require up to seven days of recovery. While doing toning type exercises can require a minimum of 48 hours of recovery.


Answer by  firefighter38310 (430)

know thats its ok to take breaks over a week or two. remember strength training is tearing down of muscle tissue so the recovery results in a greater strength. i also use supppliments. my hobby lifting is powerlifting and i have to have cycles to recuperate. enjoy what you do


Answer by  Brett (7986)

You should always give your muscles approximately 24 hours in between workouts, and each body part they say just once a week to do (although it depends on your training routine).


Answer by  shiv (12)

Recovery in strength training covers three areas:1)days between workouts;2)recovery weeks between stages within program 3)recovery weeks between programs Explaining only one because you requested 30-50 words. 1. Days between workouts means recovery days. You can use them to rest up, or you can participate in activities like accelerating recovery,including massage,stretching,contrast baths.


Answer by  Dave78 (80)

You should allow 72 hours for a muscle group to recover, but during that time you can focus effort on other muscle groups.

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