Question by  md3spirit (15)

What are good bicep exercises?

I need strong biceps.


Answer by  jhamtak (58)

Bicep curls with individual bar bells target the biceps in particular to develop strength. Also, normal grip pull-ups target the biceps.


Answer by  bluebird44 (29)

One of the best bicep exercises is the preacher curl. This is where you take a barbell or curl bar and place your arms over a preacher bench. Use of the preacher bench forces you to concentrate movement to the biceps and prevents the use of other parts of your body. Do three sets of 10-15 repetition.


Answer by  Dave47 (27)

A good bicep exercise is the chin up. Hold a chin up bar with you hands facing in or towards you.


Answer by  AvrilBey (474)

The most common exercises for the biceps would be bicep curls. These can be done with free weights, at three sets of twelve reps each, alternating from one arm to the other will a very short break of maybe ten to fifteen seconds in between them. Doing this every two or three days would be a good start.


Answer by  Sararu (27)

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Fill a 2 gallon milk jug with sand. Make sure your back is straight and proceed with curling it in an upward fashion.

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