Question by  TonyAnderson (20)

What are different ways to tenderize beef?


Answer by  Anonymous

marinate the beef in Italian dressing for a few hours in the fridge. Afterward, it tastes like fillet Mignon, or however you spell it


Answer by  floresja (33)

You can tenderize your beef with a meat tenderizer. You can use a chemical tenderizer that is either a liquid or a powder that will tenderize the beef. You can also buy a tenderizer hammer so that you can manually tenderize the beef yourself. Both products should work fine.

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Meat tenderizer? Really? tell me more captain obvious  add a comment

Answer by  clewis (18)

Marinate beef as long as possible in a spice, vinegar and oil mixture. Many variety are available at the supermarket, just add your own vinegar and oil. Let sit for several hours cook on a slow flame for best results.


Answer by  TejasWoman (300)

There are several ways of tenderizing beef, depending on the cut. Smaller roasts, like chuck or shoulder, can be marinated in wine or Italian dressing, while steaks are delicious after marinating in a small amount of soy sauce with garlic powder.


Answer by  Anonymous

One way is to roll it around in crap. This brings out the nice tender feel when you eat it. After that you force yourself to puke all over it to make it taste better.

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