Question by  bejit1 (17)

What does "tenderizing beef" mean?

I don't know what to do when a recipe says to tenderize beef.


Answer by  catclaw (432)

Make sure your meat is all cleaned and trimmed. Then all you need to do is put your meat in a zip bag or plastic wrap and pound it with a meat mallet. If you do not have one use the handle of a knife or a wine bottle.


Answer by  drJ (841)

You can tenderize beef physically or chemically. The first uses a pounding action to break up the muscle fibers to make them more tender. The second uses enzymes or acid to break down the muscle fibers chemically.


Answer by  brutalpanda (64)

Beef normally is very hard when cooked. This is the most likely case when buying beef that is very cheap. What "tenderizing beef" means is simply making the beef meat softer. First, defrost the beef when it came from the refrigerator. Even better, you can use a tenderizer for an hour.


Answer by  Tammy (585)

There are a few different methods of tenderizing beef. The most commonly used one is to use a perforated mallet (the one with the bumps), to loosen the texture of the meat. The idea behind tenderizing is to soften it so it can accept liquid and is easier to eat.

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