Question by  andyb (18)

What are different kinds of careers?

It is time for me to begin thinking about what field I want to go into.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Careers often follow an industry. Think engineering, information technology, medical, law enforcement, business, financial, legal, or education. Then you can look for jobs within those careers that fit your interests and abilities.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

You have to ask yourself what kind of career you would enjoy doing and what you are good at. What skills do you have that make you valuable to employers?


Answer by  chityadevi (52)

Different types of careers know to me are learning to become as listed below teacher,Computer Enginnieer,gernalist,Advocate,photographer,professor,Doctor,Nurse.


Answer by  Prem22 (63)

There are two common careers in this world they are 1. Medicine 2. Engineering Other careers are 1. Lecturing 2. Journalism 3. civil services(security officer etc)


Answer by  soapjunkie (581)

First, figure out what career areas interest you, and do a little research. Best ways to do that are through Internet search, visiting your state's employment office, job shadowing, volunteering, internships, or by interviewing others who currently work in that particular field.

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