Question by  worker4028 (8)

What kinds of careers can you have at Verizon?

My phone is with Verizon. There's a tab on the website that says "careers."


Answer by  patti (29325)

Most of the "careers" at Verizon would be in the stores selling the phones and services. Verizon also has customer service centers in the U.S. Click the tab on the website. It should detail current opportunities within the company and offer info about where the jobs are located. There may be an application, too.


Answer by  jtrudeau (69)

Verizon is a pretty big company so they probably have a very large pool of departments. Some examples would be Accounting, Business Development, Human Resources, Engineering, potentially software development (these are all examples of corporate positions. In store opportunities would probably include Sales Managers and Sales Reps. You can click the "careers" link to get a better idea.

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