Question by  Alexander (28)

What kind of salary does a neurosurgeon make?

I think would be an excellent career.


Answer by  Eric20 (7)

Well first, you're looking at about 8+ years of medical school. Once you graduate, you can get an entry level job starting at around $70,000 a year and gradually work your way up. Being a neurosurgeon isn't an easy task, or else everyone would want to be one. Experienced neurosurgeons make $250,000 or more.


Answer by  musthafa15 (31)

The salary of a neurosurgeon depends on various factors like education, skills, experience, technologies they used, and mainly based on their past surgery records. Salary is not constant. It varies from hospital to hospital. A neurosurgeon can earn approximately $250,000 to $500,000 anually on average.


Answer by  patti (29325)

The starting salary in most regions would be over $300,000. Depending on location, experience, sub-specialty and reputation, it is possible to make well over $750,000. This has much to do with the practice, whether the physician is a partner, what kind of investment is made up front, and so forth. This information is irrespective of nationalized medicine.

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