Question by  mraj (17)

What advice can you give to someone who wants to date younger women?

I am 40 years old and am not impressed with women my age, I would like to start dating someone one in her early 30's.


Answer by  blue25 (346)

Be yourself, don't lie. You can "research" by watching some shows or movie that might interest her. Don't just focus on the young lady and don't ignore older women. if they go up to talk to you, talk back. if you seem approachable then women would go up to you more, and then you can be selective.


Answer by  dpauleyii (843)

I think it is appropriate to date women a little younger. just remember, women in their 30's usually have young children you will have to deal with.


Answer by  caylascreations78 (489)

Chances are, a woman that young isn't interested in dating you anyways. Make sure you are with someone stable and on the same path as you.


Answer by  Andersen (628)

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