Question by  ksk (19)

Do older women go braless?

I know some younger women get away with it, but it there a stopping point?


Answer by  PZ (1206)

Some older women go braless because they have small breasts or because they find it comfortable and don't care what others think. In order to look presentable based on social expectations, any woman with large or sagging breasts should wear a bra, regardles of her age.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

I think that many older women can go bra-less, depending on the size of their breasts. However, most older women probably are not comfortable with out wearing a bra, since as we get older, gravity tends to pull the breasts down, making them droopy and can possibly even cause pain and aching in the breasts and the back.


Answer by  beefwoman (-24)

it should be a law they shouldnt be aloud too!


Answer by  Anonymous

Braless Old Bag here - guilty as charged!

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