Question by  hanaalami (30)

Should I set up a wireless or a wired exchange server?


Answer by  Kit (558)

I would suggest a wired exchange server. A wireless can easily be tapped-into by an intruder, most especially if it not well configured. However, if the location is secure, like at home, a wireless would be a good opt.


Answer by  postmaster (9)

For anything other than home use, you will want a "wired" Exchange server. A wired network connection is more robust, typically has less latency and is less prone to outside interference. Additionally you'll have much more bandwidth over the wired connection which will be helpful for network backs or restores.


Answer by  andy4us (75)

I would always go with wired unless there is no other choice. This is mainly due to two considerations, security and speed. Although wireless can be secured, it will never match the security of a solely wired connection, as the only way to join a wired network requires physical access to the network.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, I strongly suggest you set up a wireless server. It has more advantages and also you will experience greater speed and flexibility when using the wireless server. Go with wireless.


Answer by  Helper20 (10)

Use a wireless exchange server because, if you make wireless server it is simple and easy to do work without any trouble like wire damage etc. , and also now technology is grown. then why should you need a wired server? when you compare to wired server the cost only little differ. but it make u to comfortable work.

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