Question by  Paul67 (22)

How do I become a foreign exchange student in England?

I would like to be a foreign exchange student in England.


Answer by  NinjaPenguin (13)

Find a school in England that you'd like to go to. If your school has an exchange program with schools in England it will be easier. Research the necessary qualifications for going to that school then make sure you meet those. Apply to the school, if accepted get a visa.


Answer by  Atticus1316 (45)

The best way is to look at the programs through your school. That way you know it is legitimate. Also, a lot of schools will offer financial aid if you can not afford the trip. It is also good to go with school because you can get some school out of the way at the same time.


Answer by  antinus (46)

One of the first things you have to research is which schools in England participate in foreign student exchange programs. Many web sites that will provide you with helpful information.

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