Question by  Lisa45 (144)

How do I convert a plug to hard wire?

I have an light that I want hard wired.


Answer by  Wildinjn (24)

Look at the existing plug. One of the blades on the plug should be bigger than the other that is the neutral, mark that wire with white tape. Cut off the end of the plug and split the wires down the center. Strip back 1/2 of insulation. Connect white to white and the other to hot or switchleg.


Answer by  lewismoeller (88)

You will need to remone the existing cord and replace it with a long enough one to reach your light switch properly routed.


Answer by  LSK (51)

I believe you wanna extended from existing plug to add in longer wire, right? Is that the case, you can wire joint. It can be easy get from hardware shop. However, if you wanna change whole flexible wire to hard wire as you mean, then you can just bending the hard wire based on certain degree.


Answer by  marktho (56)

You can convert the plug into hard wire by using the direct electric supply to your appliance rather than to use the plug for the same purpose.


Answer by  karthikeyan72 (116)

You can cut off the plug and hard wire the light to wall wires. The wire that is attached to the small bladed of the plug goes onto the black wire of the wall box. The larger blade gets attached to the white wire.


Answer by  Anonymous

What about a ground?

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