Question by  donaldo (1)

I need to verify my settings for my email account and need to contact my LAN administrator, can you tell me how to connectthem?

I keep getting POP3 & SMPT server service failures


Answer by  Binome (1975)

If you're at home, the LAN administrator is -you-. Go to the website for your e-mail provider. Look on for a link to "Help," "Setup," or "Support. " You should be able to find instructions on how to configure your e-mail client. If not, then there should be contact information for tech support in the same area of the website.


Answer by  mturk65459 (49)

Well, first of all you should go ahead and contact your LAN administrator. He or she can tell you about the company's firewall settings, usernames, passwords, etc. If you keep getting server errors, it might be a problem with the email server itself.


Answer by  Talerith (83)

You email settings can be searched for in Google for any provider. You may need to check if you need "Authentication" for your incoming and outgoing email. This setting is usually the same username and password as you basic settings.


Answer by  PowerIsMe (844)

The settings depend on your email account. Services like gmail or yahoo or hotmail or anything else usually give you all the details you need including server name and ports.

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