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Question by  vianuria (13)

How do I cut down a recipe if I am cooking dinner for two and the meal is for four?

I am cooking a dish for my husband and I, the dish is for four and I only need it to server two.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Two options: make the full recipe and have leftovers, or divide each ingredient in half (more difficult if it contains 3 eggs, but you could always use a smaller egg).


Answer by  BirdOnAWire (171)

I would either cook the whole amount and have leftovers or simply cut the listed amounts for recipe's ingredients in half when preparing the dish. The temperature will remain the same, but you'll probably want to check on it before the entire listed time has passed.


Answer by  Annie82 (373)

Go thru the recipe and cut each ingredient in half. Cutting in half is simple, but it can be easy to lose track, so you might want to write the recipe over on a separate piece of paper. If it calls for 1 cup, only put in 1/2 cup; 1/2 teaspoon salt, only put in 1/4 teaspoon.


Answer by  Fritz (608)

Whatever the recipe calls for cut it in half and it will make only 2 servings instead of four. Or you could make the four servings and freeze the rest for another meal.


Answer by  BlindMag (161)

All you need to do is half the recipe. Its really fairly easy! Just take all the ingredients and divide them in half to get the correct portions that you need.


Answer by  Kat76 (475)

The best thing to do would be to half all the main ingredients, so that the meal will be small enough for two people and not too big for four.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

You can just divide the quantities by two. As an alternative, leftovers can be tasty, or second helpings. Depending on what your cooking, you may have to experiment with cook times, as cutting the volume of food will decrease the time a little.


Answer by  Anonymous

use half the ingredients

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