Question by  bluebird44 (29)

Should a hot water heater make noise?


Answer by  LONGNE (121)

If it is a gas water heater, it may make noise when the burner is running. If it is an electric water heater, it can make noise when the water is flowing through it or when the pipes are expanding or contracting from heating or cooling.


Answer by  repair (14)

No, it should not make any noise. But if the heater is switched on for a longer time period, the water gets over heated and some heaters do produce little noise. Some water heaters produce noise, while the water is oozing out from the heater tank. Sensors are currently being installed on heaters, it saves energy and prevent accidents.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

No, a water heater shouldn't make noise as there are no moving parts. If you're hearing hissing sound it may be a leak, hammering might be air in the pipes.


Answer by  chunt (25)

Hot water heaters are generally pretty quite, but they will make a humming noise when they cicle on. If your hot water heater is making a bubbling noise it may just be refilling with water. If your heater is making loud noises you need to have it looked at, especially if it is a gas heater.


Answer by  mako (289)

It is normal for hot water heaters to make some minor noise. When hot water is being used, the heater will cycle on and off making a slight knocking sound.

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