Question by  Spiritwind (15)

My hot water pressure is low, can you help me troubleshoot my hot water heater?

I have low hot water pressure.


Answer by  Rick (38)

Most of the time the problem usually isn't the water heater at all. Shutoff valves to the hot side of faucets are often turned down to help prevent scalding.


Answer by  Kevin41 (16)

Cut off the cold water (intake side) and unhook the connection. Take a flash light and look down the intake side for any "trash". Sediment equals low flow.


Answer by  Prigger (19)

If you have pressure on your cold water, then the most likely problem is that it is rust from the inside of the tank on the water heater. If you have an old water heater then it starts to build up rust on the inside.


Answer by  f66 (40)

Sound like your pipe are clogged you can start off by replacing the pipes right by the tank. The tank could have a lot of rust buildup in it to.

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