Question by  Parvinderkaur (84)

My lawn has spots on which grass will not grow - what should I do?


Answer by  olive49 (424)

Any bare spots in your yard will need to be overseeded. First, use a hoe or rake to rough up the soil so the top inch or two is loosened. Then overseed with a quality seed according to directions. If the patches are large you can cover with hay for protection and water regularly.


Answer by  EasyC (20)

There may be mold or chemicals in the soil that are preventing growth, or it could just be bad soil PH. The best thing would be to dig up a few inches of the bad spots and replace that bad soil with some new topsoil.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

First try to put a sprinkler on the spot where it will not grow. If it still doesn't grow you can buy fertilizer to put on the lawn. You can also try buying a small piece of sod for the area of try a hardier grass seed for that area.


Answer by  debmalewski (1085)

I would just dig up that area, replace the dirt, and add new grass seed to it. You may have old chemicals in the soil.

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