Question by  emm471 (13)

What should I apply to St Augustine grass to help it to grow green and thick?

I need my St Augustine grass to grow better.


Answer by  okcmouseketeer (779)

St Augustine grass only grows well in the Southern states, if you are not in these areas, it will not grow well. Have your soild tested for Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate levels. This will determine what type of fertilizer than you need.


Answer by  AmySue (16)

St. Augustine grass requires a lot of sun light, so if you have any overlying trees consider pruning them. It also requires a generous amount of water, and preferably in the morning, so the sun doesn't ruin. An even coat of Scot Turf builder every 3 months is good.


Answer by  XBabycakes27 (39)

Mowing, fertilization, and watering are needed for the grass to grow green and lush. St. Augustine grass is very responsive to a nitrogen fertilizer. It is sensitive to iron deficiency and there are several species of bugs that can cause serious damage to the grass. Insect repellent should also be applied regularly.


Answer by  Bootsie (36)

Using a fertilizer that contains iron will make your St Augustine grass have a rich, green color. Also, remember to fertilize in the spring, summer and fall. And remember, St Augustine likes to grow in a moist environment and like hot, humid climates.


Answer by  Yortyob (36)

St. Augustine grass is very difficult to grow. Begin a year-round lawn fertilization program. You must also keep the grass watered regularly, preferably with a timed sprinkler system.

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