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Question by  moviemaster217 (16)

Is there a home treatment to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles on the face?

I don't have money for expensive treatments.


Answer by  ejayy (18)

Wrinkles are a woman's enemy, it is a sign of aging which women all over the world pays a lot to remove. One simple solution, as it is a home remedy is to apply egg whites to your skin. Egg whites tighten the skin so it reduces wrinkles.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

The internet offers many recipes to help with wrinkles. One most popular is a beaten egg applied and let dry. Rinse thoroughly. Olive oil messaged into the skin daily is also supposed to help.


Answer by  MariaMayhem (87)

Try mixing some Turmeric and Egg white. Turmeric is an inexpensive spice that is even used in some sunscreens. Egg whites are also known to tighten and protect skin. Luck!


Answer by  aravind123 (27)

Dry skin is the one of the Reason for wrinkles.To get rid of wrinkles,apply egg white only on the whole face, and leave it to dry upto 15 minutes then wash with cold water.Another one remedy is Tomato daily add in face upto 20 minutes,then face is look as fare.

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