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Question by  bjohnson (25)

Can I sell my home for what I paid for it before two years has past?

I want to sell my home.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

You can sell your house whenever you want, there is no time limit on this. Hopefully it would not have dropped in value and you are able to make a profit.


Answer by  chickira (67)

As long as the market supports the value, and your mortgage contract does not lock you into a specific term (usually 1 year), you can sell the house. Contact your mortgage company if you are not aware of the terms, and be aware that money you make above your purchase price will be taxed as income.


Answer by  cdh0730 (29)

That depends. You will need to look at the surrounding area in terms of buildup, congestion, etc. to determine if your property value has gone up. You should also pull some comparable homes that have sold in the last six to nine months around you to determine what a good asking price would be for your home.


Answer by  jashayc (20)

Market value is based entirely on what homes in your neighborhood are selling for presently. The price that you paid for your home has no bearing on what price you may be able to get for it today.

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