Question by  Sparky (44)

Is Tightwad Living just a website? Is there a book or magazine?


Answer by  linsm (898)

"Tightwad Living" is a newsletter written by Meldoie Moore and her husband. Try finding the newsletter in the Seattle Times and The Jacksonville Journal. Put Tightwad Living nto your browser and do a search. There a numerous sites about how to save money, which is what Tightwad Living is about.


Answer by  Stardancer (295)

The 'Tightwad Times' is available as both a website and a hard copy magazine. 'Tightwad Times' is commonly referred as Tightwad Living.


Answer by  Dot75 (32)

To the best of my research there is no website, book or magazine associated with Tightwad Living. There are, however, numerous websites referencing frugality, frugal living, tightwad living, etc. Many of these, upon initial glance, seem to have suggestions or guidelines on living a frugal life. In these times they might be worthwhile to review. Frugal or tightwad...same difference.


Answer by  elcheepo (5)

There is a magazine that gives tips on how to be frugal. It offers money making suggestions, how to save on items we use everyday and how to reuse items safely. Reusing aluminum foil is one suggestion and can save a lot of money each month by doing this.

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