Question by  theman (19)

Where can I find ideas for pony bead projects?

Books, magazines, craft sources?


Answer by  DuneDude (61)

Your local craft store, whether it be a small indie business or big chain, is a great place for pony bead projects. This craft doesn't have a lot of changes or trends, so that is probably your best bet for information.


Answer by  JenniferLW (81)

I have often seen ideas for pony bead projects in stores where they are sold, including stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Joanne Fabrics. There are also typically pony bead project ideas on the websites for those specific stores. There are also book that include ideas and these books can be found at any bookstore or craft store.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

You can go to a craft store and find kits that have ideas for pony beads in them. The library is another good source, they have a lot of books on crafts you can check out.


Answer by  Laurie21 (90)

You can check out your local craft store or closest craft superstore. They will have pony bead templates and patterns. You will also find hundreds of ideas online.

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