Question by  suzyzappa (35)

Is there such a thing as romantic e-mail greetings?

I want something a little less...tame.


Answer by  scott909 (33)

Yes, I do believe that you can remain romantic whilst sending e-mail greetings. You have to make sure that the language that you are using is very well selected and chosen, as a romantic image is much harder to gain when sending e-mail than other methods.


Answer by  alicesays (106)

Sure! Anything can work. "Hey Sexy," "Been thinking about you all day long," "Guess What? I'm Naked." "Been dreaming of you." Anything you think is sexy would absolutely work. Think about what you might send as a text or bedroom talk.


Answer by  sakume (131)

In my personal nerdy opinion, romantic email greetings are a thing of the now since more and more people are meeting up online rather than person to person like the old days. Romance can come easily via email, especially now that text, image, video and audio all can be combined into your email message.

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