Question by  kristina38 (2)

Is there going to be a new Charmed series?

Is it a spin-off series?


Answer by  WhereToFindChamp (139)

I don't think this series will be making a come back, or even a spin off to be completely honest. It had a good run, but it's all over now.


Answer by  DonaldDelahaye (18)

i dont think it will just probably be a new season of charmed, not a completely new series and certainly not a spin off, there has been talk about season 9 you should really google it instead, but still, no not new series, not spin off, mabe new season


Answer by  critesb1 (224)

No there is not going to be a new series. Not enough story line to bring it back to where the show started. None of the ones that were on the first show, want to came back for another year. The off springs of the sisters goes away from anything that might be of any interest to the viewers.

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