Question by  weirdchan (13)

What are the ratings on Duration series shingles?

I am thinking off buying from the duration series of shingles.


Answer by  ilee21 (7)

The Duration series shingles come with a class A UL fire rating which is the highest in the shingles industry. This series is rated for 110 mph plus wind speeds. It is a great shingle to use because it is durable.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

The Duration series is a good product but not worth paying the usual higher price. Most shingles are identical in composition.


Answer by  Jakecutter (1819)

I believe these are rated a Class A which is also a fire rating. This if I remember correctly is the highest in the industry and also a sign of the best quality of shingle. It can also repell up to incredible gusts of wind and other elemental stress your roof can encounter.

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